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Road Trip Ready? Not Until You Complete This Checklist!

Weego manufactures portable jump starters to avoid roadside emergencies. I created several blog posts detailing the befits of Weego products.

Ahhh, the joys of a road trip. Lilting sing-alongs, I Spy and license plate games, the perfectly curated playlist…what could go wrong? 

Whether you’re traveling across the country to find your inner spirit animal or just a few hours to celebrate the holidays at Uncle John’s, one thing is for certain: you and your car need to be prepared. 

Team Weego has put together a must-have checklist to make your road trip memorable (in a good way!).

Is Bessie Ready to Burn Rubber?

Schedule a checkup at least one to two weeks in advance with your mechanic. Nothing puts a damper on your trip and wallet like an unexpected mechanical issue. Be sure to also have your oil changed, tire pressure and fluids checked.

Plan Your Route

GPS is awesome. But sometimes GPS isn’t aware of construction or road closures. Map out your route ahead of time and note any potential detours. Check out the area you’ll be rerouted to…it might be the quickest detour, but not the safest. 

What’s the Weather? 

The postal service is committed to traveling in any weather. On the other hand, you might not enjoy driving in sleet, snow, or on flooded roadways. Take a look at the weather along your route before and during your trip. 

License, Registration, and Insurance Card Please

Lesson 1: Be aware of the speed limits during your road trip. You can put the pedal to the metal and hit 70 mph on some highways, while others are 55 mph. Lesson 2: If you happen to exceed the speed limit and get pulled over, make sure your (up to date) license, car registration, and auto insurance cards are at the ready. 

You Must Pay the Toll to Cross The Bridge

While some states have EZ Pass, FasTrak, or EZ Tag, there might be times when you need cold hard cash to pay a toll. Be prepared by keeping a stash of $1 and $5 bills as well as a roll of quarters on the driver’s side. 

Babies and Fur-Babies

A little preparation before you hit the road will keep your precious cargo safe. Make sure infant carriers and booster seats are properly secured. As for your four-legged friends, use a pet carrier or safety harness. This will keep your pets secure and avoid potential distractions as they attempt to climb into your lap for a snooze. 

Pack Like You’re Playing Jenga

Packing for a road trip is truly an art form. Pack your things in the wrong order and you’ll be tearing your car apart while shouting expletives that your above-mentioned babies or fur-babies shouldn’t hear. Pack your car right and it will be smooth sailing (driving)!

Your wallet, purse, phone, charging devices, and insurance information should be in the front of the car for easy access. Position a cooler filled with snacks and drinks behind either the passenger or driver’s seat to stay satiated and hydrated. Non-essentials (items you won’t need until you arrive at your destination) go in first in the trunk area. Last to go in, but certainly not least, will be your emergency kit (see Safety Essentials for more details). 

Know How to Pump Your Own Gas?

Do you live in a state where you don’t have to pump your own gas? While it’s awesome to sit in your toasty car while the gas station attendant fills your gas tank, once you venture into the “pump your own territory”, you might be baffled as to how to actually get the gas into your car. Luckily, there are many video tutorials on how to use the pump if you need a refresher.

Safety First – Pack the Essentials 

Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. Your car should be stocked with an emergency kit at all times. Renting a car for your trip? Bring your kit along. Essentials to include are a jumper starter, a flashlight, a blanket (mylar thermal blankets are compact), water, shelf-stable snacks, and a battery charger

Your Car Battery Dies, Now What?!

Imagine a dark, unlit side road. No, it’s not the scene of a horror movie. It’s where your car battery decides to go kaput. Before you let panic set in, remember those safety essentials you packed. Give yourself a pat on the back because one of your safety essentials is a Weego Jump Starter. Armed with revolutionary, patented Smarty Clamps® to ensure foolproof operation and a series of lights and sounds to walk you through getting your car up and running, jump-starting your car will be easy and worry-free. 

Weego is all about using cutting edge battery technology to provide convenient portable power to people on the go. Think of Weego products as a “swiss army knife” for road trip safety and emergency preparedness. 

Weego. Here, there, everywhere.