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Hunting Trip Checklist for a Successful Season

Are you prepared for hunting season? Before you take the day off and head out into the wilderness to find the perfect hunting ground, read up on Team Weego’s checklist. 

Do Your Research – Division of Fish and Wildlife 

Every state has different hunting rules and regulations. Avoid wallet-busting fines and penalties by doing your homework before your hunting trip. Then pack your hunting license and tags. 

  1. Specific dates for specific types of hunting (bow, firearm, etc). 
  2. Identify what public land has been approved for hunting. 
  3. Be aware of protected wildlife areas that prohibit hunting.

Choose Your Clothing Wisely

While it’s tempting to channel your inner Rambo and dress in camo from head to toe, remember that there’s a good chance other hunters will be in the vicinity. Because of this, high visibility clothing is a requirement in many hunting areas. Check your state’s regulations on what’s required (for example, Hunter Orange caps and vests). 

Sharing is Caring

We highly recommend spending some quality “me time” in the wilderness. With that said, sharing your destination and (if possible) your GPS location with a family member or friend helps avoid a situation going from bad to worse (ie a busted leg in the middle of nowhere). Help can arrive much faster when they know your location. 

Remember, There Aren’t Outlets in Your Deer Stand

Is your two-way radio or GoPro running low on juice? From your GoPro to air compressors, lanterns, heated blankets and more, Weego’s jump starter line has your hunting trip covered! If by the off chance you get stuck in the deer stand, Weego’s jump starters’ high-lumen flashlight comes with an SOS setting.

Smarter Than Your Average Bear

Dressed in a dapper hat and tie, that sneaky picnic basket loving Yogi Bear made friends with humans and animals alike. The reality is, real bears don’t wear hats and ties. And real bears might see you as “prey”. 

With that in mind, it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings, especially if you’re near known bear activity or areas they’d visit for food and water sources. If you encounter a bear, even though you’re mind is screaming to get out of Dodge, do NOT run! Remain still, stand your ground, while slowly waving your arms to let the bear know you’re human and not lunch. Did you know that Weego’s jump starters come with a strobe feature to help disorient furry predators? 

No One Wants a Dead (Truck, ATV, Phone) Battery

Traditional jumping takes a thumping with the all-new, award-winning Weego Jump Starter 44.  Designed and engineered in the USA for years of rugged and reliable use – Weego 44 is incredibly versatile.  It JUMP-STARTS any vehicle, car, truck, boat, motorcycle or ATV, with a gas engine up to 7L and diesel engine up to 3.5L.  But it also fast CHARGES phones, tablets, laptops and other devices, POWERS 12V accessories and LIGHTS your way with a 500-lumen tactical led flashlight. You’ve got the power!

Weego Customer Experience: Jeff was hunting white-tailed deer and expertly nabbed a 14 point buck. Jeff celebrated with some primal chest-thumping. Jeff hiked back down the side of the mountain to fire up his ATV to pull the buck back to his trailer. That’s where Jeff’s celebration ended. His ATV battery was as dead as the deer. Then Jeff remembered his Weego portable power jump starter, hooked it up, jump-started his ATV, and the chest-thumping commenced! 

Weego is all about using cutting edge battery technology to provide convenient portable power to people on the go. Think of Weego products as a “swiss army knife” for Hunting safety and emergency preparedness. 

Weego. Here, there, everywhere.