Blog – Race Day Festivities

From 5k’s, ½ marathons, Fun and Charity Races, Triathlons, to the hardcore Ultramarathons, running is here to stay.

From 5k’s, ½ marathons, Fun and Charity Races, Triathlons, to the hardcore Ultramarathons, running is here to stay. Campaign Directors from all over are turning to Flutter FETTI to excite and energize the runners and the bystanders. As the adrenaline is pumping, so is the confetti and streamers — floating, fluttering, and flying over the runners as they pass by.

In the process of Race Day planning and preparation? The Flutter FETTI Team is here to help you kick the festivities up a notch from start to finish. Read on for race day ideas.

If you’re one of the dedicated Campaign Directors organizing an upcoming race, we’re just a phone call away! Please contact Flutter FETTI for Wholesale Pricing toll free at 877-321-1999 or outside of the US at 504-522-0300.

Starting Line Streamers
You can literally feel the energy at the starting line. Runners are checking their laces, doing their final stretches, and anxiously watching the countdown clock. Start your race off with a sensational sendoff by showering the runners with Flutter FETTI Tissue Confetti. Our Hand Held Master Blaster CO2 Confetti Launcher filled with two inch by 40 foot tissue streamers (you can customize your colors!) will start any race in style.

Cheer the Runners on at the Halfway Point

No matter how far the distance, making it halfway is an accomplishment. It’s also halfway to that much anticipated Finish Line. Countless families, friends, a locals turn out to cheer on the runners. Pass out Flutter FETTI’s 14” Confetti Sticks to the bystanders and they instantly become a part of the race day festivities. As runners reach their halfway point, the crowd can shower the runners with Tissue Flutter FETTI flying up to 15 feet high into the air with the simple flick of a wrist.

Crossing the Finish Line

Crossing the Finish Line is exhilarating! The runners have made it and congratulations are in order. Medals are fantastic, but imagine the look on the runners’ faces (along with the awesome photo ops!) as Flutter FETTI flies around them as they complete the race. Our 3″ Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launchers (launching 1 lb of confetti products per second up to 75′ high per second!) as well as the 6″ Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launcher (sending 1 lb of confetti products 100′ high into the air per second!) creates race day memories that will last a lifetime.

Are you a runner or know someone with a passion for running? Check out Running in the USA for upcoming races all across the United States!

What’s your favorite race you’ve help coordinate or run? Share your accomplishments in the comments below. The Flutter FETTI team would LOVE to see your race day photos. Submit them here and receive a 15% discount code to use on a future purchase!