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Planning a Spectacular Spring Bridal Shower. The “Miss” is soon to be a “Mrs.” and it’s time to throw her a spectacularly fabulous bridal shower.

Planning a Spectacular Spring Bridal Shower

The “Miss” is soon to be a “Mrs.” and it’s time to throw her a spectacularly fabulous bridal shower. Ready to start planning? The Flutter FETTI Team has put together some fun and FETTI-filled ideas to inspire you!

His and Hers Couples Shower
“A bottle of red, a bottle of white, some olives and vodka for a martini delight, glasses, stir sticks and an ice bucket too. Let’s stock their bar before they say I Do!”.

A number of couples are choosing to have a “His and Hers Shower” where their family and friends can all join in the celebration. A super swanky Couples Shower theme is Stock the Bar. Guests can bring their favorite beverage or accompaniment to toast to the bridge and groom. An elegant addition to the party is to give each guest a 9″ Hand Flick Tube filled with 10 Metallic Streamers and with the flick of everyone’s wrist, shower the couple with custom colored streamers as they kiss.

Go Rustic and Country Chic
Kick up your cowboy boots and host a chic country-themed bridal shower outdoors! Set the mood with freshly picked daisies in Mason jar vases, an ice filled galvanized steel tub for beverages, and burlap table runners. As the bride arrives, guests can simultaneously surround her with a magical swirl of confetti. Our 14″ Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks in dreamy custom colors like Raspberry Pink, Pansy, and Lavender are filled with rectangular-shaped Tissue FlutterFETTI that flies up to 15 feet high into the air with the flick of a wrist. All of our Flutter FETTI products are biodegradable, so your outdoor party will WOW without worry!

Color Inspired Bridal Shower
Color-themed bridal showers are always in style. Choose the bride’s favorite color and build the shower theme around it. For a Spring bridal shower, the color yellow is often chosen. Imagine delectable cakes, cookies, and cupcakes adorned in sunny yellow icing, the buffet table draped in yellow fabrics, and endless pitchers of refreshing lemonade. Complete the theme with our 6″ Flutter Flicker Confetti Launchers with Buttercup Yellow FETTI. Flutter FETTI comes in custom colors, so whatever your theme or need, we can make it happen!

Have you planned a bridal shower? Share your tips and advice with the Flutter FETTI community!

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