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When does a house become a home? When it reflects your tastes, passions, and lifestyle.

Warm and Inviting Living Room Designs

When does a house become a home? When it reflects your tastes, passions, and lifestyle. Adding finishing touches to your space creates a level of comfort and truly brings your home to life. The Amish Craftsman Team is here to share must have touches that will add character, dimension, and a welcoming atmosphere to your living room!

It’s All About the Layers
Throws, rugs, and even window treatments add warmth to a room both literally and visually. These items introduce a layer of personality to your space. Rugs can be layered over hardwood or carpet. Add dimension with a combination of window treatments…blinds, sheers, and drapes. Super soft throws add another level of appeal and serve as a comfy cover up when lounging.

Throw Pillows
Another easy way to add texture, color, and warmth to your Amish living room seating is with an assortment of throw pillows! Pillows are a fantastic way to experiment with colors if you’re not ready to commit to a wall color just yet. Avoid the “staged” look by combining solids with patterns, mixing sizes and shapes, and selecting a variety of textures.

Create a Reading Nook
The living room is the perfect place to curl up with good book and cup of tea. Complete your reading nook with a bookcase filled with anything you fancy, from Hemingway to Silverstein (and everything in between!). Whether you’re looking for a two-door mission-style bookcase with glass doors, a four door barrister with beautiful leaded glass, or a simple open bookcase with solid wood adjustable shelving – our team of Amish craftsmen can build it.

Light Up the Room
As daylight grows shorter, indoor lighting provides a way to a light up your room with an inviting glow, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Low-level table top lamps as well as floor lamps help to create a comfortable atmosphere in the living room, especially at night.

Settle into Seating
Sit back and relax in one of our heirloom quality Amish Crafted Morris Chairs! You have your choice of wood type and stain as well as fabric or leather for your cushion covers. The Morris chair can recline, and the angle is adjusted through a row of pegs in each arm. Our classic Morris Chairs are built in the Mission/Arts & Crafts style and almost all models can be ordered with a matching footstool.

Bring Nature Inside
Adding a bouquet of fresh flowers or greenery elevates and brightens the mood of any room. Whether you gather a bunch from your yard or purchase them from your local florist or grocer, flowers and greenery provide beauty, fragrance, and a pop of color to your home. Fill eye catching vases in a variety of heights to maximize visual impact or add a potted fern to one of our many Amish Plant Stands.

Transform Your Room with Color
The color of your walls sets the mood and acts as your canvas for favorite pieces of art, antiques you want to highlight, or your favorite seasonal décor. Keep your living room area as warm and friendly as possible. Typically, your “warm” colors are in the browns and yellows, but these can also meld into grays. For more painting tips, check out Picking the Perfect Paint Color blog post.

What special touches have you used to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home? Share with The Amish Craftsman Community in the comments below! Looking for more design inspiration? Follow The Amish Craftsman on Pinterest!