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“Farmhouse Style” is beautifully simple, functional, and oh-so inviting.

The Essential Guide to the Farmhouse Style

“Farmhouse Style” is beautifully simple, functional, and oh-so inviting. Whether you love the traditional farmhouse look or farmhouse rustic with a bit of industrial on the side, The Amish Craftsman Team is here to share their insider tips on creating your very own cozy Farmhouse atmosphere.

Farmhouse Materials

Incorporate fabrics such as ticking stripes, buffalo check, burlap, or linen to create an informal “lived in” feeling. Fabric is a fantastic and easy way to add a dash of Farmhouse to any home.
Include some vintage grain feed throw pillows to your sofa, a ticking stripe runner to your dining room table, or check curtains at your kitchen window. A word of caution: use patterns sparingly. Too many patterns can overwhelm a room instead of accent it.

Natural Wood
Simply stated, natural hardwood is beyond compare and a superb addition to your Farmhouse furnishings. Wood is one of the most popular materials in Farmhouse designs. From furniture (check out our Pinterest page for inspiration) and flooring to exposed beams, natural hardwood brings a wonderful warmth to any room.

Furniture with Character
Traditional farmhouses often have furniture passed down from generation to generation. Here at The Amish Craftsman, our heirloom quality Amish made furniture will be a part of your family gatherings for years to come. A charming piece of Farmhouse furniture is the Pie Safe. This cupboard with doors, featuring decorative pierced tin panels, was originally designed to store pies after baking. Use one of our custom pie safes for storage in the kitchen or dining area.

Down Home Decor
Farmhouse décor is simple and without airs, welcoming visitors to come in and stay a while. Decorate your home with touches of enamel and stoneware, mason jars, and wood or tin signs. These charming and nostalgic touches create a warm and family-oriented atmosphere. Are you keeping Grandma’s jadeite dishes or milk glass vases boxed in the attic? Unbox them and proudly display her collection for all to see!

Family-Style Dining
The kitchen is known as the heart of every home. This is where your family and friends gather and make memories. In many of today’s homes, the kitchen and dining areas blend into one to create a larger space. Add a Farmhouse-style table to comfortably accommodate everyone. Our solid hardwood Double Pedestal Tables are carefully crafted for not only visual appeal and utility, but to last for years to come.

The Amish Craftsman is Houston’s go-to store for custom, high end, heirloom quality furniture made by a select team of Amish furniture builders using traditional woodworking techniques. We’d love for you to stop by and let us help you pick out the perfect pieces for your home! Located at 5555 Washington Avenue @ TC Jester, we’re open Monday through Saturday.

What’s your prized “Farmhouse Style” possession and what makes it so special to you? Share with The Amish Craftsman Community in the comments below!