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It’s the perfect time to host a fun-filled holiday theme party to get everyone in the spirit of the season.

Merry and Bright Holiday Theme Party Ideas

The holidays are jam-packed with family and friends. It’s the perfect time to host a fun-filled holiday theme party to get everyone in the spirit of the season. Flutter FETTI totally knows FUN and we’ve put together some creative party plans just for you!

Ugly Sweater Party
The point of an Ugly Sweater Party is for you and your guests to get decked out in sweaters that scream “hideous, tacky, and obnoxious”. Let the challenge begin!

Exactly where do you find an ugly sweater? If you don’t have a Meemaw with a penchant for knitting sweaters with dancing reindeer on them, now is the time to start searching for the ultimate sweater monstrosity. Check out your local thrift stores, yard sales, or even fashion your own ugly sweater. Remember, the goal is the uglier the better, so hit up your craft store for trimmings like fake poinsettia flowers, glitter, pom poms, ribbon, jingle bells, and even battery operated holiday lights. Too much is never enough!

Since your family and friends went to so much trouble creating their ugly sweater (not to mention how itchy and uncomfortable it is to wear), you have to host a contest for the best (worst?) holiday apparel. Guests can vote for their favorite sweater and prizes can be given out for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Ultimate White Elephant Party
Have you ever been given a gift where you wondered, “Why the heck did they give me this?” Now you have a chance to give it away at your Ultimate White Elephant Party!

Invite guests to bring a wrapped regift or random odd present they desperately want to give away (for example, a crocheted plastic bag holder). All of these gifts will go into the White Elephant pile. Participants will draw numbers to determine the order they’ll select their gift. Have players sit in a circle around the gift pile so that everyone can see the gifts as they’re opened. The first player selects any gift, opens it, and shows the group. The following players have two options – take the unwrapped gift or select a wrapped gift from the White Elephant pile. Once all of the gifts have been opened, players have the option to trade with each other.

Cookie Exchange

Santa isn’t the only one who loves cookies! Hosting a cookie exchange is a great way to get friends together to mingle. Bonus: they’ll leave with an assortment of cookies for the holiday season and a bunch of new and tasty recipes.

Hosting a cookie swap involves some pre-planning. Be sure to invite guests at least three weeks in advance so they can choose their recipe and plan for baking. You’ll want to keep the cookie exchange manageable, so invite seven (or eight max) people. Have guests let you know what cookies they’ll be baking ahead of time so you avoid duplicates.

Ask each guest to bring a copy of their recipe and bake a dozen cookies for every person in attendance, plus an extra dozen for tasting. You’ll do the same. The day of the swap, set up a sampling table along with a label or card with the baker’s name and the name of their cookie. Brew up some coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to set out on the tasting station.

Once everyone has sampled the cookies, it’s time to grab their new recipes and fill up their take home containers. Set out the trays of each cookie and have guests go around the table and pick up their portion. Your friends will leave with several dozen cookies for the holiday season!

Flutter FETTI is here to provide personalized attention to all of your party planning needs. Contact one of our Confettiologists…as always, our focus is on YOU!