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Cr8zy Curves is a lingerie store specializing in larger cups from E-K for band sizes of 32-44. I worked with the owner to create their Fit Guide and FAQ content pages.

Cr8zy Curves Fit Guide

8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. Cr8zy Curves Intimates is the solution! The Cr8zy Curves Bra Experts are here to solve all of your bra questions and problems.

Measuring Your Bra Size – a Step-by-Step Guide

Find a fabulously perfect bra and you’ll feel like you can leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Bra sizing can be very confusing and overwhelming. Measure? Add? Subtract? What does math class have to do with wearing a bra? Here at Cr8zy Curves, our team understands your frustration because we also have larger busts. Leave that feeling of discouragement at our virtual dressing room door as Cr8zy Curves is your go-to bra source.

Wondering if your band or cups are too big or small? The Cr8zy Curves Bra Experts are here to solve all of your bra questions and problems. Visit our FAQ page for advice from our knowledgeable team.

Let’s Get Started!

Tip – It’s best to measure yourself when you’re wearing a bra. Make sure it has no padding and is not a minimizer.

Step 1 – Measure Your Band Size

Your band size is the foundation to finding the ideal bra that provides the support you need.

  • Use the “back to front” method, bringing the measuring tape straight across your back and right underneath your breasts.
  • Make sure the measuring tape lies flat at the back and is in a horizontal line all the way around.
  • The measuring tape should be snug for an accurate fit. Round to the nearest whole inch (up or down). Example: if your measurement is 29 3/8 inches, round to 29. If the measurement is 29½ inches or more round to 30 inches.
  • If your final rounded measurement is an even number, add 2 inches. If the rounded measurement is an odd number, add 1 inch. Example: 33 inches + 1 inch = a 34 inch band size<

Step 2 – Measure Your Cup Size

The correct cup size will comfortably contain your breasts and enhance your silhouette.

  • Use the “back to front” method again, bringing the measuring tape straight across your back to the fullest part of your breasts.
  • Make sure that the tape measure is at the same level all the way around.
  • Find your cup size with the measuring tape loosely at the fullest part of your bust (be sure not to pull the measuring tape tight) and round to the nearest whole inch (up or down) as you did to find your band size.
  • Subtract your band measurement (Step 1) from this bust measurement. The difference is your cup size (see the sizing chart below). Example: 38 inch (overbust measurement) – 33 inch (underbust measurement) = 5 = DD cup size

Size Conversions

Cr8zy Curves is proud to carry well-known brands from the US, Europe, and the UK. To determine the correct bra size when ordering, each Product Description will list if the designer is from Europe or the UK. Follow the Sizing Chart below to convert to the appropriate size to order.

Difference US Cup Sizes European Cup Sizes UK Cup Sizes
4” D D D
5” DD/E E DD
6” DDD/F F E
10” J   GG
11” K   H
12” L   HH
13” M   J
14” N   JJ
15”     K

FAQ Page Advice from Our Bra Experts

Bra problems? We’ve all been there! Finding the right bra to fit your body is tricky work and the Cr8zy Curves Bra Team is here to answer your questions.

Help – my cups runneth over!

As women with large busts, finding the correct cup size is paramount. If you find that your breasts are spilling over the top of your bra cups, out of the sides near your underarms, or under your bra cups, then you may need to size up a cup size or try one of our Full Coverage bras.

Can I actually wear buttoned shirts without having a peek-a-boo gap at my bust line?

Absolutely! Your curves are beautiful and part of what defines you – no need to hide them in oversized shirts. Minimizer bras slim the bust line up to an inch and work wonderfully when wearing button down shirts, blazers, or knits. While minimizer bras from years past would “flatten or squish” your bust, today’s fantastic line of Minimizers comfortably lift and separate your breasts while minimizing.

My cups are creasing and my breasts are jiggling…

Your bra cups should be smooth, without wrinkles. If this is happening with your current bra, your cup size is too large and you need to size down a cup size.

How can I wear t-shirts and knits without worrying that I’m showing through?

All hail the inventor of the “T-Shirt Bra”! T-shirt bras are the go-to bra for invisible coverage that creates a natural shape with comfort. No need to fear those knits and tees – our T-Shirt Bras are to the rescue!

Are strapless bras a hopeless cause for well-endowed women?

Raise your hand if you’ve worn a strapless bra in the past that ended up around your waist (our hands are raised!). Women with large busts tend to shy away from strapless dresses and tops because their strapless bra had a mind of its own. Our selection of Strapless Bras stay in place, leaving you to feel secure and confidant.

How do I eliminate the “Battle of the Bulge”?

If your skin is bulging above and/or below your band, loosen your band to the next set of hooks. If you’ve reached the last line of hooks and are still uncomfortable, you may need to go up a band size.

The underwire in my bra is jabbing me!

If your underwire is uncomfortably digging into your underarm area, you may need to go up a cup size or find a bra that has a wider center panel. Our variety of Underwire Bras include features such as 3-part cups, underwire cup shapes that lift and support, and mesh sides and backs for better fit. Or try one of our Wire Free Bras.