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Eight Amazing Things That Happen When You Decide to BE Yourself!

Eight Amazing Things That Happen When You Decide to BE Yourself!

Sometimes it’s easier to hide behind a “more comfortable” version of ourselves. It may be our lack of confidence, clarity, etiquette, influencers, or simply the fear of judgment that causes us to hide, withdraw ourselves, and change our personalities to fit into our surroundings.

However, you can learn to embrace your true self and nurture your spirit. Ready for a change? Read on to be inspired by what actually happens when you choose to be YOU no matter the circumstances!

1- You Feel a Deep Sense of Freedom
You are completely free! There is no role playing or hiding behind a mask. What a sense of relief to be YOU… Speak your mind, own your thoughts, and do what feels right to you. Now think of a situation in your personal life or career where you could benefit from more freedom. Think about these specific situations and ask yourself if you are truly being yourself in that situation or if you are trying to “fit in”? Reflect on this and your opportunities to change and gain more freedom. Let your inner self shine through – you are beautiful inside and out!

2- You Don’t Blame Yourself
When we are not entirely true to ourselves, something automatically feels “off”. Deep inside we know we aren’t being honest. This causes a feeling of blame and every time you act against your true self, an internal conflict is created inside. Take a moment and identify where and when you find yourself being critical within your life. When do you blame yourself for acting a certain way? Ask if your “true self” would have been doing the same. Your answer will tell you if authenticity could be the reason behind your blame.

3- You Increase Your Self-Esteem
You deserve to take care of yourself. Become your own supporter, cheerleader, and coach. Aspire to be YOU instead of the “adapted” version of you. Did you know that choosing yourself is one of the highest forms of self-esteem? When you choose yourself, it means you are honouring yourself, your true desires, thoughts, and feelings. Could you use a little more of self-love? Be mindful of every time you choose to be unconditionally “you” and every situation when you sense total alignment with your genuine personality. How do you feel? Proud or ashamed? Supportive or critical? Find your own way to positive self-esteem using your authenticity. Now is the time to nurture you!

4- You Receive Powerful Intuitions
You can feel the truth of intuition deep within your heart. These guiding thoughts come from a profound place that is authentically connected with your higher self. This miraculously happens when you are in a state of pure alignment and connection. Being you is the most important component to these intuitions. The more you are yourself; the more you are guided to expand toward your real aspirations. It’s truly powerful! Take time to write down your intuitions and perceptions in a log or journal. Never underestimate their compelling message.

5- You Inspire Others with Your Uniqueness
Think of who inspires YOU and why. Then step back and realize that you also have the power to inspire others. When you are yourself without holding back, you allow others to see your gifts, talents, uniqueness, traits, and even flaws. Inspire the world with your personal story. What defines you and makes you one of a kind? Don’t hide behind a wall feeling uncertain in sharing yourself. Your story may resonate with one or one million people. No matter how many, your special self inspires others to be the best that they can be.

6- You Can Help Make a Difference in the World
It is a sad fact that within some societies, people are deprived of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking water, health, shelter, and education. These individuals are most likely struggling with equality and freedom of rights as well. We are fortunate to have control over and celebrate our freedom. By being your true self, you can make a difference for those who are unable. In honour of people without the luxury of well-being and freedom, YOU can help bring light to those in need and change mentalities. The evolution can begin with you!

7- You are Growing
By now, you’ve learned that when you’re not trying to fit in or be “part of the crowd”, you are able to be true to yourself. Take pride in not forcing yourself to do something that isn’t really you. Being inauthentic creates a block that forces a gap between you and your actions. You deserve to freely grow and achieve what you want deep within your core self. Imagine not having any of these gaps and blocks. It is possible! You can be a free bird, growing and flying…faster and higher!

8- You are in Your Genius Zone
Remember the times in your life when you were “in the zone”? Ideas, plan, decisions, concepts…everything just flows flawlessly! This is the Genius Zone and nothing can stop you. Feelings of self-confidence, creativity, enjoyment, and excitement surge through your body. This occurs when you are in perfect alignment with your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. All of your positive and productive energy is available for you to dedicate to whatever you are working on achieving.

On the flip side, where do you think your energy goes when you try to be someone else? What type of emotions do you feel? What thoughts are you trying to cast away when you close your eyes on your real self? This negative behaviour is distracting all of the elements you need to be in your Genius Zone. Don’t let negative thoughts overtake you – being yourself and accepting yourself will keep you in the Genius Zone now and always.
These eight simple points can change the way you live your life. Let yourself and your heart be open. Working on learning to love and support YOU will bring a powerful feeling of fulfillment and content!